Dungeons & Dragons on Sale at

Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms computer games are on sale at 66% off on Some of these multiple game collections can be had for as little as $1 and change. Lots of AD&D and D&D goodness to be had…

Megadungeon Design Journal #1

Wherein I begin a journey of megadungeon proportions!


The Ever Widening Gulf Part 3 of 3: Inclusivity Negativity

The times they are a changing folks! Our lovable hobby is under assault and it is coming from all sides. The OSR folks are being shown in negative lights, the 5E crowd is seen as to over the top and pandering.…


The Ever Widening Gulf: Part 2 of 3 : Eras of gaming

Get off my lawn!

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Tomb of Horrors

My AD&D Bucket List

A long time ago, in a place not too far from where I am sitting now, a group of teenage boys sat around my parents’ dinning room table playing out the roles of powerful and intrepid fantasy characters.  We had leveled…

OSR Compatible

What is the OSR?

Okay I’ve been seeing a lot of hubbub about this around the Interwebz for a while now, and since I’ve recently started my own humble blog, I thought I’d weigh in on this grave subject. First of all let me say…

Role Playing Is Not An Equation (Why Math Sucks)

I was talking to my business partner the other day.  We were discussing the release of the new 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide and I began to notice something about my arguments.  My stance on what I think…

Upcoming events

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DOTA2 Items

Main Event

August 20 – 25, 2018
Rogers Arena, Vancouver, CA

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