Hero Forge 2.0 is bringing us COLOR!

I just received an email from Hero Forge; as I often do being a member of their mailing list. Today I was shocked and pleased to find they are running a Kickstarter to upgrade their service of printing custom miniatures to include color. Yes, you heard right. Color. If you are like me, a poor miniature painter at best, this may be the project for you. I know I will be looking into this Kickstarter once it has launched!

I’ve only used Hero Forge once before, but I do love what they provide. In the past I gave the miniature to a friend, who then painted it for me. Now if I want I can color it before purchasing and it will arrive in color using the latest 3D printing technology.

The new Kickstarter to fund this upgrade hasn’t yet gone live (January 14th is the launch date), but you can follow the link below to the campaign page on Kickstarter and get a reminder when the project does go live.


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