MapForge Developer Needs Your Help!

Back in 2017 one of the community organizers of the Dunjinni community (heruca) of Battlegrounds Games, LLC developed MapForge via Kickstarter. Now he is trying to update the functionality of this powerful, but easy to use program to include isometric mapping. The campaign only has 4 days to go as of this writing and could use an injection of backers to push it over the top. Heruca has delivered well on previous Kickstarters and is highly communicative of progress and/or set backs. Check out the Kickstarter below and consider backing this worthy effort!

Isometric Map-Making


  • Thanks a lot for posting this, Alex! I just now came across it.

    Posted December 11, 2019
    • You’re welcome! I hope it helped push the project over the top!

      Posted December 11, 2019

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