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While the page has been up for a while, I’ve not made any attempt to advertise it to visitors to this site until now. I’ve created a Free Resources page to store a few types of file for our OSR community.

First among these offerings will be short adventure modules. Currently I have up an adventure I wrote for my group of players who were playing T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil. Like other adventures that will appear here, this adventure is relatively short, and fits in as a side quest/experience builder for an already published adventure that needs some exposition/filler to play more smoothly. I hope to get other designs up over time creating a small library of content.

Second is a group of logos for the OSR community. Both are based on old TSR logos and I think they’re awesome!

I’d also like to host other helpful files with the permission of the creators. If you have a free gaming resource you’d like to post here, please contact me at Enjoy!


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