Comments: Fixed!

Well after months of wondering why no one was commenting on my posts I found out there was something broken between reCAPTCHA and my Theme. So, long story short I’ve changed to a new theme and comments seem to be working again with reCAPTCHA.

UPDATE: Ok folks, there is a “terms agreement” link for reCAPTCHA just above the “Post Comment” button. Please follow the link to agree to reCAPTCHA’s terms before submitting a comment. Also I have Admin Approval on for commenting. Comments will not appear immediately as I must approve them first.


  • Hopefully we’ll get some lively discussion going around here again!

    Posted November 29, 2018
    • Once we actually get it fixed of course. Ugh! Is there a facepalm emoji?

      Posted November 30, 2018

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