Kellri’s 18-Day Module Challenge – Day 4

Okay, this one really stumped me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve never played in, or DMed any adventure module that takes place underwater or in the air, in whole or in part. It seems I may have a new item for my D&D bucket list, gentle readers.

This isn’t to say that such modules don’t exist, only that I’ve never played one. If my recollection holds I believe one of the latter two U Series modules takes place underwater and if there weren’t Dragon Magazine modules that took place in the air I can think of at least a couple that included flying Astral ships. Not sure if that qualifies, but I’m definitely going to have to gain the experience of one or both of these types of adventures.

I’m also going to have to look into these types to see how they are structured and what elements make for the better ones. I think as teens we avoided these types of adventures because the methods of surviving in these environments weren’t always easy to attain and there were lots of modified rules and so forth that made them seem like work. This is absolutely an area in which I hope to extend my experience and knowledge.

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