System Design Journal #2

Character Professions:

Well first off, I’ve changed Occupations to Professions for the context of this discussion and the game. It’s purely aesthetic, but it works better for me.

So after a few rounds of honing my tables for class building, I finally came to a point where I feel they best represented my design priorities and were weighted appropriately. With this skeleton in place, I started adding flesh. The first profession I built out was the Fighter, called a Warrior in my version of the game, and lo and behold, the Experience Point table came out almost exactly the same as the AD&D Players Handbook!

To be sure there are some weird variances from the published core class beyond 3rd level, but I find those differences to be insignificant. Compare the following two tables.

AD&D Fighter Experience Table
Warriors Experience Table

The differences between the tables are balanced out at mid-levels and so small at higher levels that I have absolutely no problem with them. I may also play with the Level Titles a little since Warrior actually appears on the table at second level.

I’ve also decided on a less rambling, more modern profession description style. Most of the relevant play details will be displayed chart style at the beginning of the description followed by brief and to-the-point descriptive text. In this way I hope to be able to present far more professions in less space than the original rulebooks. My love of Gygaxian baroque prose will probably help keep the descriptions from sounding too much like an electronics instruction manual. We’ll see. Below is a very early draft of the Warrior description with the first paragraph of the descriptive text.

Well that’s about it for this post. I’ll post another profession next, probably something a little unusual to see how the building method holds up under pressure, then on to species I think.

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