The Twisting Stair

“Carefully, we begin our descent…”

And with that short phrase, I’m hooked!

So begins the premier issue of The Twisting Stair from Allan T. Grohe Jr. and Tony Rosten. This is not some blog post or PDF newsletter, but a real, physical, paper magazine (or fanzine if you will). While I wouldn’t go as far as comparing this to The Dragon in its early 80s heyday, I would compare the fantasy campaign elements side by side for both quality and presentation. The Twisting Stair doesn’t try to be anything more than a small vault of fantasy campaign material to be plundered as needed by calculating Dungeon Masters, and doughty Players alike. Here one can find malevolent monsters, archaic treasures, and cryptic maps ready to be used in any campaign with but a moments notice, or to be modified to suit. What you won’t find here is exhaustive essays on game theory, reviews, previews, or indeed anything that does not relate to fantasy role playing. This is, quite simply, a fantastic new resource for fantasy gaming.

So what can you expect when you crack open these pages? Read on in my next installment, The Twisting Stair #1!

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