I think I’ll just let this document speak for itself. I am immensely proud to be a member of this community of professionals!

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One thought on “This Tuesday, It’s the Only Game in Town #gamers4her

  1. No matter how this goes, the following is true for me.

    I am so ashamed of my fellow Americans I am sick to my stomach. Not only those who voted for an awful human being, but also any fellow Democrats who though inaction are failing to stop the harm being done to this country.

    I don’t care what you are angry about, or how angry you are. The damage being done to our country has no valid excuse.

    My heart is broken for the future of this country and especially for my daughter who is about to become a second class citizen, unable to make basic decisions for herself about her own body. I fear for my immigrant and LGBTQ friends and family, who will be in real danger for their lives, not just losing their newly gained rights. Even if this election ushers in a new era of unprecendented prosperity, the cost is too high. We have lost our souls to empty promises, hatred and fear.

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