I can’t believe I have to write about this in 2016.

Orangelisting and Boycotting

It has come to my attention that there may be a person who is building a blacklist (or orangelist if you will) of Trump supporters within the gaming community. The purpose of this list is to provide Clinton supporters, or anti-Trump partisans a listing of people and businesses to avoid and boycott.

First of all I have to say, really? This is what people are putting their post-election nervous energy into? Not supporting the disenfranchised. Not donating to Planned Parenthood. Not writing their congressman or woman. Instead this person is resorting to harming the hobby they should love. Flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to convey the full astonishment I feel about this unfortunate turn of events. If my endorsement of a candidate was ill-considered this is an epic fail.

The Block Together List

Also being conflated with this issue is a Block Together list being circulated by signatories of the #gamers4her endorsement. This list was necessitated by a large number of Twitter spammers who were unable to keep discourse or opposition civil. Nothing more. I even asked for the list pre-emptively, but have not used it as I have not needed it. I’m hoping that remains the case.

My Endorsement and the #GamersForGaming Initiative

While I may not have fully considered the implications of making a presidential endorsement, I did do it. I’m not ashamed of the endorsement or my pick for president. I also feel vindicated in my fears about the presidential election by actions taken by the transition team in naming candidates for key positions in the President-elect’s cabinet and in discussion of their objectives for the next four years.

What I do regret, and what was the impetus for the #GamersForGaming initiative is the fracturing, yet again, of hobby gaming. Anyone remember the Edition Wars? These kinds of distractions weaken the industry and thus the hobby. That is why I ask everyone to come together under the banner of Gamer and recognize that we are great because we are diverse. Keep gaming neutral ground for all ideas, all people.

My Statement

So what I wish to say to all of you is this; I do not endorse any use of blacklisting or boycotting against anyone in the gaming community or industry. If someone tells you that I do, please let me know who they are. I have a piece of my mind to give them. We grow our hobby by providing neutral ground for people of all beliefs, backgrounds, races, and gender identities. We destroy our hobby by being divisive and hate filled toward people with whom we share, at the very least, one big common interest.

Let’s knock it off people and play some games together!

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