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I thought it would be fun to post a series of topics detailing my Top 5 Favorite Adventure Modules for each edition of D&D or AD&D.

We start today with BECMI.  Keep in mind that my experience with this version of the game is largely limited to the BE divisions of BECMI, or what is often called B/X.

Honorable Mention: O1 The Gem and the Staff
O1 The Gem and the Staff
Two fun adventures in one package. Very important to avoid combat as often as possible.

5. B3 The Palace of the Silver Princess
B3 Palace of the Silver Princess
One word, Decapus!

4. B4 The Lost City
B4 The Lost City
Cool expandable, sandbox-y adventure. Zargon is a bad dude! The Cynidiceans are crazy fun!

3. X1 The Isle of Dread
X1 The Isle of Dread
Possibly the best sandbox adventure for Expert. All kinds of “land that time forgot” goodness here!

2. B2 The Keep on the Borderlands
B2 The Keep on the Borderlands
The quintessential dungeon crawl. Not much of a story here, but possibly the coolest dungeon map ever drawn. Bree-yark baby, bree-yark!

1. X2 Castle Amber (Château d’Amberville)
X2 Castle Amber (Château d'Amberville)
One of the most creative, strange, and fun adventures I have ever game mastered. The d’Ambreville family (thanks to Bruce Heard for the correct spelling) is bat-guano crazy and so much fun to play. The boxing match in the Grand Salon is one of my favorite encounters ever!

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