I wanted to get up a post wishing all of you very happy holidays! I also wanted to apologize for the lack of content here over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately me, my wife and daughter have all taken turns being sick with a nasty flu bug. It was all I could do for a while to just not be violently ill, and then we were taking care of our daughter.  Writing was really the last thing I could imagine doing.

Now that doesn’t mean I have done no writing, only that I have several pieces in varying stages of completion.  After the holidays I hope to get back on track with one or two posts per week.

I am very grateful for all that this year has brought and I am anxiously awaiting all that the new year will bring. We’ll have a new adventure module, new Twelve Kingdoms lore, and plenty of OSR RPG opinion to go around.  I look forward to sharing it all with our gentle customers.

Happy Holidays!

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